Conflict Transformation
Online Summit

“Coming Down to Earth”
A Journey to explore pathways towards
Regenerative Cultures in a Time of Breakdown.

The 1st guided journey went on from 15TH JUNE TO 15TH JULY 2020. This is now a self paced, self-guided journey you can make by yourself or with a group of friends, colleagues, neighbours, community...


The Conflict Transformation Summit is an online journey inviting us to reimagine the ways we understand and respond to conflict. It aims to be a resource for us to:

  • Observe the mindsets and world-views that keep us trapped in patterns of response to tensions and conflicts that lead to results no one wants.

  • Get in touch with narratives from a diversity of traditions and cutting-edge insights from the intersection of different science fields that offer other ways of looking at and responding to conflicts.

  • Share a myriad of bodies of practice that can support us in manifesting more healthy and regenerative ways to deal with tensions and conflicts, as we relate with ourselves, with each other and with the world at large.

This journey is an opportunity for deeper inquiry into what it means to be human in a time of great uncertainty and major shifts. How can we face tensions and conflicts from a place of curiosity, compassion and courage, opening up a field of possibilities for more healthy and regenerative outcomes to emerge?  To address these challenges, people from around the world are invited  to hold space with friends, colleagues, partners, family, and neighbours, and to engage in conversations about this recurrent phenomena in life, a “beast” with many faces: CONFLICT. The summit is an opportunity to let go of maps that no longer match the ground we stand, to connect with different perspectives, and to discover new bodies of practice. 

This journey was developed and hosted by the Transition Network, The Emergence Network, Starter Culture and the Conversation Collaborative, with the collaboration and support from a wide variety of partners.

This is a five stage journey, guided by a diversity of leading-edge thinkers, rebels, tricksters, wisdom holders, healers, activists, parents, facilitators… human beings from all around the world. 

Join the journey at anytime and from anywhere. Share This Journey with others! This summit can be a collective experience. Invite your friends and family, colleagues or neighbours to join this journey with you. You only need to register in case you want to receive future news about next editions and other relevant information. All the content is located here in this website in the journey page and you can find a guide to participants here with all the info necessary to journey through the summit’s content as well as link to the online community where you can still engage with other fellow participants.

If you decide to host a group to go through the journey together, there is a host guide also available here.

The journey is organised in five stages:



The summit took place from June 15th to July 15th 2020. Nevertheless, the content is open and accessible to all.
In fact you don’t need to register unless you want to receive future updates about new editions and other relevant information.

Here is the participants guide to support you on the journey.

We encourage you to invite other people in your local or professional context (family, friends, neighbours, colleagues, community, stakeholders) to make a collective journey through the summit’s content, engaging in dialogue and exercises that support healthier and more regenerative ways to work  with tensions and conflicts within ourselves, between each other, and within our increasingly fragmented societies. If you choose to do so, you can use our host guide to support you in hosting the group.

We offer the summit as a gift, creating space for everyone to listen to a beautiful palette of human beings, to reflect on their words together, and to inquire into how we experience conflict in our lives, by looking at it from different perspectives. We invite you to support moving this work forward by donating what feels right to you. Visit the Gifting Page to know more. 


Invited Guest Speakers



This journey is an invitation to practice the art of hosting and engaging in meaningful dialogue, so that we have the conversations that matter most to us. All the guest speakers are voicing their own perspectives and inviting us to reflect on them in relation to our own context and lived experience. 

If you felt called by this journey’s intentions, we encourage you to consider inviting friends, colleagues, neighbours, family members, community and host this journey with them. 

You will receive a host guide to support your process of hosting a group through this journey.

Please register here and click on the yes box to be a host and bring this work closer to your context:



We are living in a time of many possible collapses where a growing number of people are exploring new ways of being and are building a regenerative movement that could bring us closer to the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.

As we step into this great turning the maps we’ve used to navigate reality up to now are no longer showing us the territory. We are in uncharted waters, filled with uncertainty. This can be a very scary place to be in. But it is also filled with emerging possibilities and offers us the potential to evolve as individuals and human species towards greater health and regeneration. 

As we step up to this challenging task of birthing a different world, in the myriad ways this is manifesting, we have to deal with the inevitable tensions and conflicts that ongoingly emerge in ourselves, between one another and in society at large. More often than not, conflict is charged by unmet needs and/or deep seated traumas, most of them inherited from our families or through cultural wounds that are carried from generation to generation.  

This summit hopes to share some of the new maps, and draw from the wisdom from those who are working to find the paths towards better ways of responding to conflict as it inevitably arises.

Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing
and rightdoing there is a field.
I’ll meet you there.
— Rumi


We offer the summit in the spirit of gift, sharing the voices of a wide variety of beautiful human beings from around the world. We are not demanding any financial transaction to get in touch with the summit material in order to:

  • Make all the content accessible so that anyone can embark on this journey. 

  • Pass gifts as gifts keep going around, and one never knows where they will end up. If gifts demand anything, it is freedom. A gift given only out of obligation is not a gift at all.

  • Invite co-evolving mutualism where people can support each other from the place where each one is and in the way each one possibly can at the moment.